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The Ordinary Buffet 30ml

4.6 of 1067 reviews


4 instalments of $7.19

Or 4 instalments of $7.19 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.19

Or 4 instalments of $7.19 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary Buffet combines a comprehensive array of studied technologies to target multiple signs of ageing at once.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Buffet

The Ordinary Buffet

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The Ordinary Buffet Reviews

4.6 of 1067 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect first anti ageing serum


Great for my super sensitive skin, super gentle on the skin. TRY IT

Most Helpful Criticism



after reading so much about the ordinary and especially this product I decided to give it a go. but as someone who hasn't really used this sort of product on my skin I am not sure about it. The last month or so I have had a lot of pimples but I'm not sure if it is my skin purging or reacting to this product...
  1. Perfect first anti ageing serum


    Great for my super sensitive skin, super gentle on the skin. TRY IT
  2. Affordable & Delivers results


    verified purchaser
    I've only just added this one to my skincare regime and so far its been a pleasant surprise. Leave my skin feeling hydrated, tighter and firmer. Great value for money too.
  3. Brilliant


    Absolutely one of the best for regeneration of skin. But do use sparingly at first if sensitive skin. Can make skin red if not used to it after exfoliation. Follow up with lots of hydration.
  4. Amazing!


    I use it as part of my nightly skincare routine, and before this my skin was suffering from dryness and a lot of texture. It’s been a couple of weeks since I started using this, but I could tell the difference within the first week. My skin felt a lot smoother, bouncier, and super moisturized!
  5. Good ingredients


    verified purchaser
    I like the fact that it contains various peptides and it absorbs really quickly into the skin. It provides extra moisture in between the toner and moisturiser.
  6. Great hydrator


    I have tried a lot of The Ordinary products, but was late to the party with this little powerhouse. I have been using it for a few weeks now and my skin is definitely more even in tone and hydrated. Absorbs easily so is great to layer with other products.
  7. Loving it


    I had read all the reviews on here before I went ahead and purchased this (it is one of the more pricier items from The Ordinary) and boy I'm glad all the reviews were outstanding because I took the plunge and got it. Whenever I use this before bed it gives my skin this tightening feeling as it dries (which I love) and it also really hydrates so well. So far I am loving it as part of my nightly r...
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  8. Great all-in-one


    This is a great little superstar for when I don't have time for my full skincare regimen. I have combination skin and I'm not sure how this would play out day to day, but I love having it on hand.
  9. Good introductory product to The Ordinary products


    verified purchaser
    I was hesitant to try the ordinary as it was quite intimidating but after a thorough research, I decided to try the buffet. After 3 weeks of use, I have noticed a slight decrease in texture and evened out skin tone. It is a good place to start if you're not sure what to get but I will definitely be trying more products from them.
  10. You'll thank it in the long run


    I love this serum! On any day/night that I'm feeling a bit more dry or want that extra boost this always delivers! I wake up with a more hydrated complexion (paired with the HA serum and moisturiser) and it's heaven! Having oily skin can sometimes deter you from hydrating/replenishing things but my hydrating concoction is now my new favourite thing! I know I will use it from here on out!
  11. Very Impressed


    Have only been using The Ordinary range for 2 weeks now and already i can see clearness in my skin and less dry patches
  12. Love this mum uses this everyday and its left her skin much more brighter after a few months use


    Skin is brighter, firmer
  13. Great all rounder to use twice a day


    I am time poor and love the amount of active ingred's that come in this one serum, rather than layering multiple serums before applying moisturiser everyday. This serum is thick but I only need one drop to do whole face and neck. Will be buying again.
  14. IN JUST A WEEK...


    So, wow. I am extremely impressed with this serum. I was recommended this serum because although I am young (18), I am already starting to develop forehead lines that foundation could settle in. I have always had 'wifi-signals' on my forehead (as my friends would say). I was fully prepared to book in my first round of botox but this serum completely changed my mind. My forehead lines are nearly no...
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  15. Not sure if it's worth the hype


    Love Buffet and it feels great on, but I am not sure it does that much compared with other Ordinary products I have - plus it's at a higher price point than the others. I use this every second or third day at night.
  16. Best thing since sliced bread


    I have been spending a fortune on skincare as my skin ages. Lines around my eyes getting awful, forehead lines, starting to feel my skin loosing it's bounce, jawline losing it's firmness. No expensive skincare has addressed it. This stuff has! My lines around my eyes I would say are down more than 60%, forehead down around the same. Jawline feels firmer again and my skin is bouncy. I have be...
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  17. Impressive


    Texture of the product makes it so easy to apply, whilst your skin just absorbs it up. Little bit sticky, but otherwise a great product.
  18. Feels so smooth


    Probably my favourite product to apply. Love the consistency. Feels so moisturising without being left with a greasy feeling. Have only been using for a couple weeks but already can see a difference in my skin.
  19. Must have


    I liked this product so much I bought 2 supersize bottles - a must have item, perfect for creating a protective barrier before applying serums. Great for sensitive skin!
  20. Silky smooth hydrated!


    Maximum hydration, soft and plump skin. I love this for a quick boost of moisture, sits beautifully under makeup.
  21. No complaints here


    Have been using Buffet in conjunction with a selection of other products from the Ordinary. Found my skin to be brighter, plumper, more hydrated and my scaring and lines seem to be reducing.
  22. Not for me - oily skin


    I implemented this serum into my AM and PM routine and did not see any difference to my skin other than excessive oil build up and break outs. Not the product for me unfortunately.
  23. Terrible reaction :(


    I suffered a terrible reaction to this product. I had good skin and mostly tired these product because at 28 i felt i needed too start using some actives for anti ageing. I broke out in the most painful deep ache like little pusticals all over my face. Even in areas i never usually get pimples. My skin was red, inflamed and so painful it was waking me up throughout the night. The pimples didn't st...
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  24. Amazing and Affordable!


    I love this serum! It both feels like it tightens my skin but plumps it at the same time!! I prefer the absence of an artificial scent as I use with another few The Ordinary products. It is also very hydrating!
  25. Not for me


    I had high hopes for this product because of all the hype but it made my breakouts so much worse and has a thick sticky consistency that feels like it’s just sitting on your skin.
  26. Great


    This is hydrating and plumps my skin up. My skin feels dull when I don't use this
  27. Great everyday product!


    Loving this serum for everyday use! It feels so refreshing and nourishing at the same time. I have been using it everyday for about 3 weeks and my skin looks bright and feels hydrated.
    Only downfall would be that sometimes it leaves a slightly sticky residue.
  28. Covers all bases


    This might be a bit unusual but I use this serum exclusively on my neck and chest as a cost effective way of abiding by the 'your face ends at your boobs' idea. I use more expensive cosmeceutical serums on my actual face where my problem areas are, and I know I would run through these products twice as fast if i carried on all the way down my chest. Its mostly preventative, and Buffet is a lovely ...
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  29. Love it


    Love this from The Ordinary. Always find myself ordering it when I run out, makes my skin feel soft and nice
  30. A staple in my skin routine

    Lucy B

    I didn't use this product for a couple of months as I had run out.
    I noticed a huge difference in my skin when i didn't use this product, my skin was dry, all other products didn't work as well without it.
    It's the first product I put on my skin and all my other products absorb really well.
  31. Absolutely love it!


    Absolutely love this product. I've heard about it from my friend who obsessed with this Ordinary product and you know what? I am obsessed now too. I am 46, my skin is still ok for my age, but already have some signs of ageing, like pigmentation and loss of firmness. I am applying it every morning and evening before other serums and my normal routine creams. My skin fells and looks much fresher, s...
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  32. How can something this cheap be this good!


    I’ve used everything for my skin as I have bad psoriasis’s patches on my face & body. Gave this ago & haven’t looked back. I no long have patches on my face nor my body yes I use this everywhere. It’s hydrating & sinks straight in.
  33. Lightweight


    Not the best smell but applies lightweight and absorbs, providing moisture and improved complexion. Not a huge gamechanger imo though.
  34. Doesn't work?


    I heard so many rave reviews about this product that I had to give it a go for myself. After using a whole bottle, I can't really say I noticed any difference in my skin. Not really sure what this is supposed to do.
  35. Your Next All Rounder


    This is a great silky smooth, slightly more viscous serum from The Ordinary. I found it got the most benefit from it when using it around my eyes. Definitely one i'll keep in my arsenal.
  36. Feels luxurious and absorbs quickly


    This is a great all round serum that is perfect for my oily skin. It feels luxurious, absorbs quickly leaving no residue and is my favourite part of my routine!
  37. Botox In A Bottle


    I had to try this after being recommended it by a friend as "Botox in a Bottle". I have really loved using it so far. I use it morning and evening and my skin soaks it up, non greasy. I can see firmer skin instantly and the 'frown' line between my eyebrows is visibly improved. A really good all rounder serum, at an affordable price. Definitely one of my favourites!
  38. Hydrating skin cocktail


    The Buffet really is an all in one - peptides, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids = glowing skin! I've been using it every morning and night in conjunction with my other products as it acts as an amazing base. It's become my must-have products after using it for 3 months, I've got all of my friends onto it and they all agree.
  39. Lovely


    Enjoy this serum and switch it up between this and hyaluronic acid which I don’t see a difference in the two, this one is pricier but claims to have more benefits
  40. Love this!


    love buffet! Use this everyday under make up and provides a great base. the couple of times ive run out I have really noticed the different.
  41. Underestimated Product!

    Ally J

    t works like magic! It sinks into your skin and feels very hydrating. I think it helps my other products and I have noticed a change in my skin texture since using this product. I put this on after I cleanse and before I use any serums and actives. Love it!
  42. Does nothing?


    I purchased this at least twice, but felt like it did absolutely nothing to my skin. I observed no changes, and I just don't understand what all the fuss is about... It might be good for someone with really dry aged skin, but it did not help my premature ageing at all.
  43. Love these ingredients


    FYI I have mature dry sensitive skin. I have been using this for a while now and I love it! I put it on either just in the morning or sometimes both morning and night. It's a beautiful light weight serum that doesn't dry me out. It's got a great array of peptides in it. Well worth a try for any age
  44. Love this!


    This serum is sooo good, it’s super reasonable and effective. I use it with other serums like vitamin c.
    I’m going through the bottle real fast so I might buy the bigger bottle next time.
  45. All rounder serum (peptides and HA) cheap as chips!


    This product came highly highly recommended. I first heard about it on beauty IQ podcast and a few of girlfriends use it too. Been using it in the am as first step and I love it. I have young normal-Combination skin with no major issues but wanting to start on a good anti-aging protocol and create hydrated flawless texture. Definitely a beautiful serum to add in peptides. I finish off with an extr...
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  46. Love it


    I've been using this serum for three months now, it has a really nice texture, soaks in very fast, hasn't made me break out, it also give me a nice hydration boast. Well 100% be buying this again.
  47. Leaves skin feeling smooth, but not sure it does anything for lines


    The Ordinary Buffet leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, but i'm not sure it does anything to decrease the look of fine lines (forehead) or darkness under eyes. I probably won't repurchase as would like a product that diminishes lines and reduces darkness.
  48. But the texture


    Great list of ingredients especially for the price but the texture could be improved. Bit sticky and uncomfortable and doesn't layer well.
  49. Great value serum!


    This is my 3rd or 4th bottle of the Buffet serum! It’s a perfect all-rounder product that makes my skin feel extra plump and juicy. I feel that it has definitely made a difference in my skin. Great for hydration and fine lines.
  50. A Good Combination of Benefits


    For the price, it is good value! I found this product definitely left my skin feeling hydrated and glowing while also tightening the look of my skin. Its also a product that can be combined with other products easily
  51. A Must-Have!


    I use this as step 3 in my nightly skin routine. I have been using The Ordinary Buffet for well over two months and my skin has never looked better! It is difficult to describe the change but I am already a very young-looking 41 year old who gets mistaken as being 30, but I swear this being part of my routine has wiped even more off of my 'age'. I look better than I did in my 20's. I know this so...
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  52. My go to


    This product is super hydrating but still feels light weight. Easily incorporated into my daily skin care routine, but on crazy mornings when I have 2 seconds to slap something on my face, this is the product one I make sure I apply. Provides hydration, evens my skin tone and doesnt leave me oily. Sold.
  53. Great all rounder


    The Ordinary's Buffet was the first serum I've used. I got it because it it targeted so many issues and I was overwhelmed with the whole range. At 33 with normal to oily skin I had noticed that my skin tone on my face was uneven and my skin looked droopy and dull especially around my eyes. A simple routine of of cleanse, buffet then moisturise made noticeable changed in my skin within two weeks. M...
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  54. Sad its coming to an end


    This is a great hydrator, i have been using it for the last couple of months in the morning and night and i love the texture it is great under more hydrating oils.
  55. Overrated?


    People RAVE about this serum. I like that it's odourless and sinks quickly in to the skin but I can't see any visible changes in my skin after daily use over 6 weeks. I'm not convinced of it's benefits yet but will continue to use it and see.
  56. Great all-rounder


    I love The Ordinary and Buffet is such a good broad product with a lot of good ingredients. It was my first intro to the brand - I used it with niacinamide and retinol emulsion and it worked amazingly to clear up my skin and even do a bit of tone evening out.

    Would recommend it to anyone wanting a bit of an all rounder. Matrixyl is another similar option for that.
  57. Excellent for the price


    This peptide serum is one of my favourites. It performs really well and gives me glowy plumped up skin. It’s so inexpensive also wich is such a bonus. It honestly performed as good as higher end peptides
  58. Amazing


    This serum has great peptides and I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I stop using this
  59. Pretty nice


    This is one of the better of the ordinary products because its not just a booster focusing on one active, its a proper serum. Really loved the way it felt on my skin too.
  60. Great all-rounder


    This product is a great all-rounder, no need for multiple serums and peptides as this has all the key ones! Feels nicer sitting on the face than other peptides serums from the Ordinary. I use this morning and night most days.
  61. Love Adore Beauty


    I love The Ordinary products for their versatile and affordable range. This is one product I use as part of my routine everyday and I have seen more results with The Ordinary then other serums five times the price. Highly recommend them.
  62. Lovely texture


    Love the texture of this serum. Sits beautifully on the skin. I found it helped a lot with my hydration levels. Will definitely repurchase.
  63. Nice Basic Serum


    I generally gravitate to acid-based serums because they make the most difference to my skin. I wanted to try Buffet as I had never dabbled in peptides and had heard good things. I like the water-based texture - it reminds me of the Niacinamide, which I love. This is a great one and done serum. Haven't seen any dramatic results in one week, but it makes my skin feel nicely hydrated and is a good o...
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  64. Loving this so far.


    I had been using The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% or 5% in Squalane for some time before looking for another product from their range to assist with hydration.

    I used their Regimen Guide below to help select Buffet as my next product to try based on my skin concerns:

    Example regimen for general signs of age:
    AM "Buffet", Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5
    PM "Buffet",...
    Read More
  65. Great for the price


    Great for the price. Absorbs nicely onto the skin and a small amount of product goes a long way.
  66. Been using this for years, holy grail item


    I have been using the Ordinary Buffet for years, love this. If you are looking for an item to start using but not sure, this is it. My skin has improved greatly.
  67. Been using this for years, holy grail item


    I have been using the Ordinary Buffet for years, love this. If you are looking for an item to start using but not sure, this is it. My skin has improved greatly.
  68. Love this.


    Ive been using the buffet for about 8 months now and loving the results. I have far less redness and my skin is always hydrated and smooth
  69. good texture


    Thi serum feels smooth and hydrating on the skin, mixes well on top of other serums and goes well under make up. However, I don't really see a difference in my overall skin since using.
  70. Cult fav


    Tried this product on a recommendation from a friend. Loved it. Goes on really well under my moisturizer and helps it absorb better.
    Will definitely be repurchasing.
  71. My new go to


    I’m not one to cave and buy products that pop up in my Facebook feed, but this product has been a game changer for me. I have very sensitive skin that stings with nearly every product I’ve used, so I didn’t have high hopes. My skin has never been better and it’s retaining more moisture than it’s ever had, even when I was in my 20’s.
  72. Love


    Onto my second bottle of this - ordered my first about 4 months ago and used it almost every day! Lasts a while and feels nourishing.
  73. Great


    When I use this product at night my skin feels tight the next day. I would recommend it.
  74. Love it


    I use this followed the ordinarys Hyaluronic serum, then moisturiser and my face has never been this soft. Amazing for the price and it targets multiple things. My Face is also a lot tighter with less fine lines. Would recommended.
  75. Go to serum!


    Such a great serum as its got all the goodies mixed in one handy bottle. I use it in the Am and PM its goes on easliy amd melts into my skin very quickly. My fine lines seem less visible and over all my skin has improved in tone and texture. I love the ordinary and this would be my desert island item!
  76. Go to serum!


    Such a great serum as its got all the goodies mixed in one handy bottle. I use it in the Am and PM its goes on easliy amd melts into my skin very quickly. My fine lines seem less visible and over all my skin has improved in tone and texture. I love the ordinary and this would be my desert island item!
  77. Super hydrating and smooth


    I love this serum! It feels so refreshing and hydrating as soon as you put it on! I noticed that my skin was brighter after a few days of use. Such good value for money as well, and an easy addition to any skincare routine.
  78. Exceeds expectations


    Was recommended this product by a friend, was told it combines so many different products. I was very impressed after using this product my skin feels fresh, soft, plump, hydrated and glowly. This is my new go to product. I love that you can use one product and not 5 different bottles
  79. Plump it up


    This serum feels really gentle on my skin and absorbs easily. I use it at night, and my skin looks really plump and hydrated in the morning.
  80. Good but I think there is better


    I did like this product and found it moisturised but I do think there is better out there. For the price though, it is good value
  81. Looooove this


    From the morning after my first use I saw a change in my skin hydration and texture. I woke up feeling plumper and hydrated. My skin had a smoother texture too. It is fantastic value for money.
  82. Works well


    I've only used this product for a month but so far its doing great things for my skin! A friend recommended I use it and I’m glad I did !
  83. unsure?


    i have been having a bit of a skin nightmare the last couple of months so maybe it hasn’t been the best time to try this product - i’m not sure if it is causing breakouts. however i like the texture, and it has such raving reviews. so i am putting it in a the cupboard for a month or two and will try again when my skin has settled... everyone seems to love it so i want to give it another go
  84. Love this product


    Keeps my skin clear from any impurities. I can notice the difference if I stop using
  85. OK but not great


    This feels a bit sticky going on. I have oily skin and I've been using it for a while but don't feel like it's made any difference to my skin. I will keep using until it runs out but will not repurchase.
  86. the best serum


    this is super nice, especially for the price. most of the other ordinary serums are pretty basic, but this does target multiple things
  87. Go to serum


    This serum is my ultimate go to. It works well with other serums and under makeup and makes my skin fresh and plump. I feel with long term use it has helped prevent lines and has smoothed out my skin.
  88. Perfect addition to an skincare regime


    A great find for someone who has the joys of multiple skin concerns.
    Hypersensitive, pigmentation, congestion, dehydrated, fine lines and allergies.
    So far this product hasn't caused any irritation or congestion and doesn't feel heavy on the skin with multi layering of product.
    Skin is feeling more plumped, pores reduced and smile lines are appearing more plumped.
    Will pur...
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  89. Best Serum!


    I’ve used this for almost a year, every night & it’s so beautiful on the skin! I can see the difference it’s made in my skin! Would be lost without it !
  90. My favourite morning serum


    It is my second bottle. My sensitive skin loves it, it makes my face plump and hydrated. I don't know about the long term effects, but for me finding a serum that does not irritates my face is already a win. Especially since this one is reasonably priced.
  91. uncertain


    after reading so much about the ordinary and especially this product I decided to give it a go. but as someone who hasn't really used this sort of product on my skin I am not sure about it. The last month or so I have had a lot of pimples but I'm not sure if it is my skin purging or reacting to this product...
  92. All rounder


    I have been using this for the past two years and I have noticed an overall improvement in my skin texture and plumper skin. Nice and hydrating but still very lightweight. Highly recommend
  93. Recommended!


    I've switched from the HA + B2 serum to this and have noticed quite a difference. Skin Is more hydrated and my creams soak in much nicer if I apply this serum beforehand.
  94. Just what I needed


    This was the first thing I've tried from the ordinary and I was impressed. Great product for a great price. I seen a difference in my skin its softer clearer I love it
  95. Love it


    I can definitely see that the Buffet makes my skin look healthier, clearer and more even. It’s hydrating and absorbs into the skin nicely. Will definitely purchase again!
  96. Love it


    I can definitely see that the Buffet makes my skin look healthier, clearer and more even. It’s hydrating and absorbs into the skin nicely. Will definitely purchase again!
  97. Love this product, great hydrator


    Love this serum on my face before bed, a good hydrator. I have fair skin that can sometimes get dry (especially under my fringe). I Love this product, its good at hydrating the skin and cost effective.
  98. WOW


    WOW! I’ve been trying to find a product that made my skin GLOW! And this is amazing! My skin has never looked better and I noticed a difference after the first use! I can’t get enough of this stuff!!!!
  99. Hydrating


    What I love -
    Proven ingredients that work on many signs of ageing not just one
    No skin reactions
    Good wear under make up
  100. Super hydrating


    Leaves your skin feeling dewy and hydrated. Really lightweight, so perfect for morning and night-time use. Great for the price, too.
  101. Review & Earn
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