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Lumira was founded by Almira Armstrong in 2013. Armstrong wanted to bring her love of travel, design, and scents to an elegant line of home fragrances that delight the senses.

Lumira candles incorporate fine, fragrant essential oils into a pure, natural soy wax base. Destination candles bring the exclusive scents of some of the world’s most beautiful locations to your home. Enjoy the fragrance of the tropics with the Balinese Ylang Ylang candle. This luxurious aroma invokes a feeling of romance and elegance with its unique combination of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and bergamot.

You do not have to stay home to enjoy a scented room. Lumira offers travel-size candles in fragrances such as exotic Oriental Jasmine, delicate Persian Rose, and unforgettably heady Tahitian Coconut. These travel candles contain the same high-quality soy wax and essential oils as the full-size versions. Each product is packaged in an elegant gold travel tin for mess-free transport. All Lumira candles are crafted with loving attention to detail inside and out. Designed by a team of internationally renowned perfumers, each item features a decorative exterior and is a true work of art. Lumira engages the imagination, stirring pleasant sensory memories, invoking warmth and comfort, and inspiring you to transcend the everyday.

Atelier Lumira's quality is matched only by its impeccable aesthetic: bold, unique, and above all luxurious.  Lace your life with evocative fragrance through the handcrafted products of Lumira.

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Recent reviews on Lumira products

Lumira Candle Wick Trimmer
Lumira Candle Wick Trimmer

Not completely necessary, but lovely

Yes, you can do the job without this specific tool. Yes, you can probably find a candle trimmer somewhere else for cheaper. However, if you light scented candles mostly to treat yourself and create a vibe having lovely little tools like this adds to the sensory experience.
Lumira Glass Candle –  No352 Leather & Cedar
Lumira Glass Candle – No352 Leather & Cedar

Elegant and expensive smelling

This scent is mature and elegant, not too sweet. It smells like a fancy boutique...but in a good way. This kind where things are expensive, but the staff is relaxed and friendly. I like to burn mine in the evening when I'm winding down, having a whisky, and reading a good book.
Lumira Wilderness Candle - Mt Tomah
Lumira Wilderness Candle - Mt Tomah

Smells like home

I grew up in a place with lots of pine and fir trees and this scent immediately transports me back there! Stacking wood logs for the fire, damp pine needles under my feet, cups of tea with friends. Its absolutely divine. A wonderful scent for autumn and winter.