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Even if you adhere to a skin-friendly, animal-free, vegan diet, external skincare practices are still needed to help you maintain a healthy radiant complexion. Using a vegan exfoliator is the perfect way to gently unclog pores and remove dead skin cells that can lead to blemishes and dull your complexion.

Effective vegan exfoliators

While the resurfacing benefits of exfoliation are well known, less known is the fact that exfoliation also boosts circulation and increases cell turnover. Adore Beauty stocks vegan exfoliators that are natural and free of harsh chemicals and toxins such as phthalates and parabens. By choosing to use an environmentally sound vegan exfoliator your skin reaps the benefits of quality natural ingredients as you minimise your carbon footprint, making vegan skin care a great choice.

Vegan, chemical exfoliators

Using a cruelty-free, natural, vegan exfoliator will also help your other skincare products work effectively multiplying the benefits for your skin. Take a look at the wide selection of vegan exfoliators in stock at Adore Beauty today and shop with confidence knowing that they are:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Mineral oil-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Artificial fragrance-free and
  • Alcohol-free

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Eco Tan Super Acai Exfoliator 100ml
Eco Tan
Eco Tan Super Acai Exfoliator 100ml

Best exfoliator I've used

I have oily skin and struggle to find products which give me the super fresh, properly cleansed feeling, which this one achieved! I did find it a bit rough and scratchy when using without water (per the instructions), but a tiny bit of water added to it made it perfect. I can see the difference in my pore size after a week.
Eco Tan Super Acai Exfoliator 100ml
Eco Tan
Eco Tan Super Acai Exfoliator 100ml

Okay, but wouldn't buy again.

Firstly, it was so difficult to actually squeeze out on first use. I had to heat it up in hot water first. Secondly, it's super abrasive. I would only use it once every couple of weeks, as I feel like it would be too harsh on my sensitive skin. The smell isn't bad but the taste is so strong. I only got a little bit on my lip and I was hit with this extremely salty taste. It's overall a nice produc...
Maaemo Fruit Enzyme Refiner 60ml
Maaemo Fruit Enzyme Refiner 60ml


This is luxury skincare - the feel, the smell, the look. I use it every second night on my face, I havent had obvious results that I can pinpoint to this particular product, but i feel confident putting an australian made, natural product on my face, that feels and smells amazing.