Discover A Peel-Off Mask For Your Skin Concerns

Anyone who listens to the podcast or follows me on Instagram will already know I'm a big fan of Aceology's Green T Infusion Gel Mask. In fact, I often purchase these packs of 4 as birthday gifts for my friends because I know for a fact, they'll become as obsessed with it as me.

If you've haven't already heard me rave about this mask, here's the lowdown. It's super calming, soothing and excellent for reducing redness and inflammation in the skin, as well as adding radiance and improving dullness. It's a two-piece mask which makes it super easy to fit to your face, and it smells good too.

Anyway, enough about the Green T Infusion Gel Mask, that's not what I'm hear to talk about. Today, I want to fill you in on Aceology's Treatment Masks.

Okay, I've gotta give you some background here. I'm not a huge fan of clay/mud masks. I know, I know - they're so popular, and your fave influencer uses them! But guess what? These masks aren't generally suited to all skin types.

Don't get me wrong, there's a place for them. Combination to oily skin types experiencing non-inflammatory congestion like blackheads may benefit from using clay/mud masks, however when it comes to using mask treatments, I'm a big believer in using something that's right for your skin, and addresses your concerns (and as part of a well-rounded skincare routine, but that's a whole other tangent).

That's where Aceology's newest masks come in. They've released four of them to cover off four objectives: brighten, firm, lift and detoxify, so you can tailor your masking to your individual needs. That gets a tick from me.

How Do I Choose Which Mask Is For Me?

Let's break these four masks down so we know what we're dealing with here. Yes, we've got four options, but you aren't limited to one. You can multi-mask with these formulas to tailor a more custom masking treatment. Or you can alternate between a couple of them. My personal fave is the Brightening Treatment Mask, so let's start with that one.

The perfect option for dull, tired-looking skin, this complexion-boosting, glow-giving, brightening treatment features Niacinamide to even skin tone and brighten while promoting collagen synthesis, Bitter Orange (a natural form of Vitamin C) and Mushroom Extract to target uneven skin tone, plus Peptides to offer an anti-ageing effect and Salicylic Acid to target congestion. You can expect your skin to feel smoother and look brighter (obviously).

This treatment features a healthy dose of supercharged ingredients to help boost elasticity and firmness to leave your skin looking juicy and fresh. Adenosine helps to firm skin through improved elasticity, while antioxidants Green Purslane and Lemon Balm help to protect skin from damage caused by environmental aggressors. You can expect to notice a youthful glow after removing this one.

The gold standard. This powerhouse of a mask helps to boost elasticity, minimise the appearance of fine lines and leave skin looking luminous and fresh. It's packed with Peptides to stimulate cells, boost skin elasticity and promote repair, Hardy Orange to calm the skin, Adenosine and Collagen to increase the elasticity and bounce of the skin. You'll be looking for an excuse to use this one every week.

Looking for something that'll nourish, protect, detoxify and regenerate? This is it. This treatment features Charcoal to draw out and lift away all kinds of impurities, Salicylic Acid to resurfaces uneven skin texture and tackle excess oil, and Peptides to boost elasticity and help to promote repair. You can expect your skin to look and feel clarified, smooth and fresh.

All of these masks come with an applicator brush to eliminate any mess, and are designed to peel off the skin in one sheet (which I can confirm is oh-so-satisfying).

If you have more sensitive skin, you may wish to remove with warm water and a towel or Face Halo to avoid tension on the skin.