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Aesthetics Rx is the ultimate in plant-based Cosmeceutical skincare. Proudly made in Australia in small batches to ensure potency and freshness, the range is almost entirely Vegan (bar one product - H2O Hydrating Balm which uses lanolin - a by-product of the wool industry), and is certified cruelty-free and paraben-free. Their formulas are hand-crafted, bespoke, and are based in science, not conjecture.


Combining a luxury aesthetic with delicious textures - make no mistake - Aesthetics Rx isn’t just about the destination (although, the great skin they promise is a pretty sweet destination) - it’s also about the journey. Accept no compromises - skincare should be as luxurious as it is efficacious - and Aesthetics Rx is your beauty salon/esthetician/spa in a bottle.


Aesthetics Rx skincare uses peptides, stem cells, hyaluronic acid, probiotics and vitamins within their formulas, favouring clinical studies over anything else. Ingredients are at the core of everything they do.


What are the hero products from Aesthetics Rx?

While all the products from Aesthetics Rx Skincare are fantastic - there are some key items which will have you shouting from the rooftops!


The Aesthetics Rx Ultimate Serum


As the name suggests - the ultimate tool for tackling brightness, pigmentation, dull skin or congestion. Through a blend of ingredients like Niacinamide, AHA + BHAs and a range of fruit, floral and vegetable extracts, skin is left brighter, clearer and smoother than ever before.


Aesthetics Rx B Serum 

Another winner in our books - and your key to hydrated, plump and calm skin. Ideal for all skin types, from the oily and acneic through to the dry and sensitive, this is a tall glass of ice-cold water for your skin, and idea for reducing redness, irritation, dehydration and any fine lines and wrinkles that may plague your complexion.

Not convinced? Each product page for Aesthetics Rx contains real Aesthetics Rx reviews from our huge variety of customers. Each Aesthetics Rx review is verified - so you can shop the range through the lens of someone with a similar skin type or concern to you - and learn from our unbiased community of customers.

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Recent reviews on Aesthetics Rx products

Aesthetics Rx Sunscreen with Zinc SPF30 75mL
Aesthetics Rx
Aesthetics Rx Sunscreen with Zinc SPF30 75mL


This is such a good sunscreen! Non greasy and sinks in nicely without leaving white patches
Aesthetics Rx Ultimate Serum 30ml
Aesthetics Rx
Aesthetics Rx Ultimate Serum 30ml

So nice

Such a nice serum that I found to be really brightening and evens out skin tone. My skin looks amazing after using it
Aesthetics Rx H20 Hydrating Balm 125ml
Aesthetics Rx
Aesthetics Rx H20 Hydrating Balm 125ml

Really wanted to love this

This balm is just what it sounds like, a balm. Similar texture to paw paw ointment so I personally find it. a bit thick.
This being said, I apply it twice daily after procedures. such as dermal needling or microdermabrasion and it has been very hydrating and supportive to the skin barrier after these treatments. I gave. it a 3/5 as. I struggle to introduce this to my day to day routine other...